About Us

EXIR Arts Carpet Trading LLC is an exclusive dealer of machine-made, semi-handmade and handcrafted carpets. We procure carpets from all over the world, especially from renowned rug-producing countries like Turkey, India, China, and Nepal. With several production hubs in Turkey, India and China, we supply the finest carpets in unique designs. Our aim is to serve as an exemplar for supplying a rich collection of carpets in terms of design, colors and quality.

Combining the best of high-tech machinery and high-touch finishing, our company offers a comprehensive range of carpets in varied styles and price ranges for both residential and commercial buyers. Our company imports products on large scale
and presents them to the market in Dubai that has had a deep-rooted penchant for rugs and carpets since medieval times. Handwoven, or machine-made, our spectrum of products has earned a reputation for high quality and value. We custom make each carpet to suit the design preferences of the customers, that range from classic, contemporary or minimalist. Built on fine quality, craftsmanship and style, our carpets are a true masterpiece of art and glory.

Our Vision

To be a reputed and most sought-after carpet trading company in the Middle East and represent ourselves as a key contributor in the home furnishings market, transforming carpets into a true form of art and decor.

Our Mission

To provide long-lasting impeccable carpets and flooring options that accentuate the beauty of interior spaces.

We strive to offer the best quality rugs at the most affordable prices in the market and cater to varied customer
segments while providing an outstanding level of after-sales services to prolong the life of the carpets.

With our expertise and consistent approach to delivering only the best, we wish to rapidly expand into the retail
market and gain maximum market share.

Quality Policy

Our motto is to fulfil the highest standards of quality. Put together from natural and eco-friendly materials, our carpets are the best grade in themselves and can withstand the test of time even after prolonged use.

We further intend to inform and educate customers on defining features of a quality carpet so that they can own
one with confidence, as a prestigious lifestyle investment.

Why Us

When you buy a carpet from us, there’s no looking back at your decision. Each day you’ll be affirmed that you indeed made the best choice. Here’s why

Reputation – Our carpets are on top of trends and quality, and that’s why enjoy a high reputation among our list of clienteles. We aren’t only for the hard sell, and we continue to maintain relationships with customers by offering a host of after sales-services.

Experience and expertise –Blending century-old expertise in weaving techniques with efficiencies of modern technology, every carpet piece is one of its kind. Backed by years of experience, we understand every nuance of the carpet trade and are committed to delivering only the best.

Price performance – High-quality carpets are an investment, and when purchased right, they save you from a lifetime of repeated purchase and replacement costs. Natural and unique in appearance, our carpets promise rock-solid reliability and timeless style, delivering a pleasant price performance.

Guarantee – We offer a guarantee that each one of our carpets is highly durable with a prolonged life of more than 10 years, subject to proper use and maintenance. Once fitted in your space, you are assured of its refined quality and smooth finishing, a true reflection of your taste and style.