Carpet servicing and maintenance:

At EXIR, a renowned carpet trader in UAE, we have designed every service to make the carpet buying process from start to end an effortless one. Even once the sale is closed, our relationship with clients continues with a range of after-sales services and maintenance guidance.
We are a full-service carpet company and here’s a comprehensive list of the services we offer:
Comfortable buying experience
Whenever you need quality carpets, we are just a call away. Our team will arrive at your doorstep to give you a presentation on the type of carpets we offer and present you with ample samples to choose from. From selection to measurement and right through the installation, we take care of everything.
Alternatively, instead of you dropping into our showroom, clients can comfortably browse our collection of carpets online from the convenience of their homes. Our skilled personnel will guide and advise the best in range as per your preference and suitability to your interiors.
Guaranteed life
Our carpets are built to last and withstand the test of time for up to 7-10 years. We provide a warranty and guarantee as a mark of quality and fully assure our clients of the price-performance it is meant to deliver for decades.
Online shipping
No matter where you are, we can ship carpet overseas to reach you at your doorstep. Having good tie-ups with leading logistical providers in the region, we can successfully enable door-to-door deliveries for our customers based anywhere in the world.
Carpet inspection
On just a call, we visit the customer’s location to inspect the status of the carpet and provide a free consultation on the cleaning, repair or maintenance schedule it requires. The best part is we can even have your carpets picked, serviced and
delivered back to your address within a short span of time.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance

Retaining the shine and look of your antique rug requires periodical servicing to maintain its condition for years to come. We do carpet cleaning, repairing, and maintenance using specialized treatment and cleaning techniques for wool or silk. We remove even the most stubborn stains, dander, and dust particles so that your carpets are shiny clean inside out.
Entrust the job of professional carpet cleaning and maintenance to our workshop. After undergoing a rigorous deep-clean
process, you’ll be amazed at it’s new fresh and clean look. If your carpet has lost its lustre, is stained, or experiencing color
fade, contact us for carpet shampooing and deep cleaning services immediately.